About us

Welcome to Vitality Nucleus, where we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality and transparency in the field of longevity supplements. Our brand was created out of the need to find a trusted supplier of NMN and realized that the market was full of brands that were not transparent with disclosing their suppliers, manufacturing facilities, and third-party test results. Thus, we decided that we need to change it and will strive to be different in those fields. 

Our Standards As health enthusiasts, we believe in science’s power to extend our health span and lifespan. Proper nutrition and high-quality supplementation play a crucial role in achieving optimal health. We collaborate closely with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure purity and quality. Plus, every batch undergoes third-party lab testing to meet the highest standards.

Our Promise Transparency is our cornerstone. From sourcing to manufacturing to third-party results, we’re an open book. Feel free to ask any questions – no business secrets here! Thank you for choosing Vitality Nucleus; we’re excited to help you achieve your health and longevity goals. Have inquiries? Reach out to us at care@vitalitynucleus.com. 🌱🔬